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Animation Demo 01

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Animation Demo 02

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Commercial Demo

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eLearning Demo

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Narration Demo

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Video Game Demo 01

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Rock Radio Imaging Demo

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Work Examples

Donut Dash TV Commercial

Trash Stash TV Commercial


Zombie Voice in Halloween Commercial - Intrinsic Brewery

Avid Hawk

Avid Hawk Radio Ad

Lazy H Campground TV Commercial

Voice Over - MGS

Voice Over - St. Baldricks

Voice Over - DACO Worldwide - produced by Beson4

Voice Over - Voices Against Cancer

Voice Over - Linwood Wesleyan Church

Voice Over - Brand Auditor

Voice Over - Brand Auditor

More Sample Work

The following videos are for sample purposes only.

Pinball Game Character - Drained

Montana Tourism Commercial Sample

Taylor Made Golf Clubs Commercial Sample

Bose Headphones Commercial Sample

Potbelly Sandwich Commercial Sample

V-Series Tools Commercial Sample

Radio Imaging Sample

Legos Star Wars Clone Wars Sample

Five Guys Commercial Sample

Hard Sell Ford Auto Dealer Commercial Sample

Wyoming Tourism Commercial Sample

Suzuki Boulevard Motorcycle Commercial Sample

Video Game Action Demo Reel

Soldier | Scared Scientist | Cowboy | Villain | Gun-Running Robot

Animation Character Demo Reel

Dad | Goofy Gangster | Dimwitted Dude | Funny Villain | School Bully | Pirate | Nerdy Coworker

Video Game | Animation | Toy Demo Reel 01

Nerdy | Aristocratic | Crazy Prospector | Dimwitted | Heroic | Gremlin characters

Video Game | Animation | Toy Bad Guy Demo Reel

Orc King | Crazed Clown Final Boss | Dark Warrior | Evil Robot characters

Dairy Queen Blizzard Commercial Sample

Hasbro NERF Commercial Sample

Scooters Coffee Commercial Sample

Oreo Commercial Sample

John Deere Commercial Sample

Casey's General Store Commercial Sample

IVR Phone Messaging Greeting

An example of after hours voice messaging and phone greetings.

Cartoon Animation & Video Game Characters Sample

I’m open for animation, video games, haunted houses, or whatever project that requires a scary voice actor, er, I mean scary voice.

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